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The restaurant and bakery space are part of the mixed-use and residential development West End Square 37, designed by TEN Arquitectos. It is located on an urban corner of 23rd street and L street in a neighbourhood with easy access from Washington Circle. The particularities of the space, the columns, the tall ceilings and the large glass facades are taken in to consideration when designing the concept for the first restaurant. The space branding has to be able to deal with a multitude of spaces.

A plate of food made up by ingredients that are visually and tastefully complementing each other into a complex dish becomes our starting point for the concept.  The success of the restaurant is based both on the quality and presentation of the food, and the overall restaurant experience. The work with ingredients starts with food and follows by the interior design, when the distinct slant structural columns teams up with other objects strongly inspired by the Greek theme. Together, the site specific and the Greek create a new unique composition and an entirely different space. Different components have different functions and provide a holistic experience to portray the image of a country through materials, textures and traditional techniques. The result is a playful yet elegant and fashion forward environment where the different elements per se are not as important as their composition. The largest player is the backdrop wall, see next page. It is inspired by the Greek marble quarries with articulated volumes poking in and out. The wall creates a solid and rich background setting with different textures and shades to accentuate further the dramatic double height of the space. It is also one of the design connections between the restaurant and the bakery, where this concept is applied.

Washington DC, USA

2018 - ongoing

- sq.m. / - sq.ft

Status: Permit

Team:  Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed 

Julia Moore

Christine Tam

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