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Albany is a luxury resort community set on the western end of New Providence. The given brief was to create a residential building with luxury apartments, but what is luxury today? We believe that luxury 2.0 is something bespoke and unique, a playful, fun experience reflecting individual dreams and fantasies. We wanted to create a variety of bespoke apartments each with different qualities and experiences that would come together in one building. The unit types described in the brief were reinterpreted and two new typologies were introduced to provide a wider range of unique apartments. These include a number of two level “duplex” apartments boasting panoramic marina views and a unique double height space with 26ft ceilings. All the apartments have daring cantilevered pool lounges that extend beyond the edge of the building. These lounges offer uninterrupted 180 degrees views of the Marina. Some of the other additional bespoke features include an outdoor foyer, unique vestibules, rooftop pools and summer kitchens all contributing to the multiple experiences and character of Tetris.


Tetris by OOAK was the winning proposal in an invited, international competition to design a condominium building at Albany Marina, New Providence,The Bahamas.

How can a variety of bespoke luxury

apartments come together in one building?

New Providence, The Bahamas

2015 - 2020

 17650 sq.m. / 190000 sq.ft

Status: Under construction

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed

Jarlath Cantwell

Kuba Kolec

Julia Moore

Ali Mehrvash

Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

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