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The sparse, untamed and dramatic local landscape was the starting point for this project. The jagged, textured rocks slope steeply to meet the southeastern Aegean sea forming two flatter areas or plateaus. The site is also uniquely characterised by the sparse vegetation and its amazing views. Just some of the spectacular things you can experience include the sunrise, the island of “Moira” and the windsurfers on the beach of Afiarti. The most interesting view starts from the ridge of the first plateau. This dramatic landscape is difficult to sculpt or form and strong winds make it difficult to cultivate. Every manmade alteration is visible, so rather than trying to make the house mimic the landscape we asked ourselves:  


How to introduce a foreign object - a house - 

into a dramatic landscape  without altering 

its character yet enhancing its qualities?

Karpathos, Greece

2015 - 2018

200 sq.m. / 2150 sq.ft

Status: Completed

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed

Aleksandra Kizskielis 

Julia Moore

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