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The island of Stäksön occupies a strategic location between Upplands-Bro and Järfälla municipality and between the towns of Kungsängen and Stäket. The northern part of the island is to be developed and the site is about 165 hectares in total measuring approximately two kilometers long and one and a half kilometers at the widest point. Northern Stäksön has the potential to become a lively and easily accessible new neighbourhood with the capacity to meet people’s demands for well-being and quality of life. The goal is to create a new urban settlement while maintaining the green character of the island. This new area is developed by transforming the existing valley into a park becoming Norra Stäksön’s new heart and common space. Here is where wild nature meets cultivated land and where the water meets the islands unique character. The atmosphere is strengthened by the variety of topographically adapted streets and the range of housing typologies. To compliment the residential areas, local services and commerce will be established, as will a new beach park.


How can we build densely while maintaining and emphasizing the green qualities of the site?

Upplands-Bro, Sweden

2013 - ongoing

approx. 3000 residence units

Status: Planprogram

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Erik Lundqvist

Julia Moore

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