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The program required six individual villas ranging from approx. 80 m2 up to 110 m2 that would respond to two kinds of programmatic identities: as a high-end touristic resort destination, and as independent permanent villas for rental or sale. In both cases, we needed to create unique worlds with distinct identities to live in. The design identity for this community (resort or residential) has its roots in the particular character of the island’s traditional settlements, consisting of bespoke vernacular buildings complemented by a variety of private, semi-private and public outdoor areas; a small boutique village consisting of 6 individual villas with private gardens and shared communal spaces. The communal spaces offer facilities and amenities that complement the total experience of the individual villas and the complex as a whole. Arranging the villas in a zigzag fashion allows each an excellent view of the sea. Some villas are pushed further back to maximize the amount of natural light and create larger open surrounding areas. All the buildings have a private garden, and the rest of the lot is enriched with multi-functional communal spaces. To accentuate the communal spaces and their bespoke character even further, the buildings are slightly twisted on their axes and the second story of all the villas rotates, creating a shift of the volumes. On the lot, one encounters vernacular situations such as the stoa, the gate, the square, the courtyard, the alley, which add to the bespoke character of this community and connect it to the roots of its location.

Rhodes, Greece

2018 - 2019

520 sq.m. / 5600 sq.ft

Status: Permit

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed

Orestis Nikolaidis 

Julia Moore

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