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Today Lacovia is a small-scale beachfront resort, a community of 55 owners, in the heart of the popular Seven Mile Beach. The redevelopment of Lacovia is on the hands of its owners hence the guiding parameter of the new development must be to keep their best interests in mind. The proposal will aim to provide matching apartments and upgrade each to feature grand oceanfront views. In order to maintain an intimate and close community the number of apartments should be kept to a minimum, at the same time an increase in owners will provide support to the amenities that the resort can offer.

The maximum building volume divides the lot into a front and a back, making the front more valuable. Cutting the volume, pushing back and opening up, yet maintaining the same amount of ocean front views, creates a landscape of peaks and valleys and a world to experience. The architecture will be complemented with luxury curated common areas including lush landscaped gardens, pools and a fitness centre that together will create a holistic high-end community on one of the world’s best beaches. 


How can we maximize the ocean view

for all apartments at the same time as

we activate the entire lot?

Lacovia, Cayman Islands

2018 - ongoing

29800 sq.m. / 320300 sq.ft

Status: Design development

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed

Jarlath Cantwell

Kuba Kolec

Orestis Nikolaidis

Helias Zografopoulos

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