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Far up north in Sweden, cut away from big cities and busy lifestyle, lies the country village Ammarnäs. Surrounded with extensive forests and mountains we find this cut-away site. A famous hiking trail, Kungsleden, runs along together with the far reaching river Vindelälven. Due to heavy snow and no road maintenance during six months of winter, a snowmobile is necessary to reach the site. Our clients are very active hunting, skiing and all things outdoorsy, so it was important to create a house that united the indoor with the outdoor, together with spaces that need cover but not heat - for working. Since it is an active family, access is important and played a main role in the design. As well as participating in the wildlife and nature here, protection and respect towards bears and moose, heavy snowfall, extreme temperatures and the earth created this house.

Ammarnäs, Sweden

2018 - 2019

200 sq.m. / 2150 sq.ft

Status: Permit

Team: Marie Kojzar 

Maria Papafigou 

Johan Annerhed 

Julia Moore

Mikaela Steby Stenfalk

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